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Termites and other pests can be more than a nuisance. They can make you uncomfortable in your home, and this can disturb regular daily life. At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we understand that having termites and/or pests in your home can take away your peace of mind. We know that you want your treatment quickly and this is why we offer quick response times and highly trained professionals at our company.

We have specialists that will provide a in-depth inspection of your home, and advise you on any costs up-front. We will make sure that you are given the best treatment possible, and that we can give you your peace of mind back by keeping your home pest-free. At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we realize the environmental and public relations impact of every pest and termite inspection and we are committed to providing quality care for your home. We have a goal of being able to preserve the safe and healthy living environment in your home, and we will use proper materials and techniques to perform our services.


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    Our Services

    We provide several high-quality services for termite and pest control. Termite can cause serious home damage, and we want you to receive the best quality care for your home as soon as possible. We offer termite treatment services, where we will evaluate your home and treat your home with careful and effective treatments. We also offer pre-construction termite treatment. This is where we will evaluate your home before it is constructed to make sure that the proper measures are in place to prevent your home from being infested later! We are particularly proud of this service. It is very effective for new homeowners that are constructing their homes and want to be sure they are protected, not just now, but later down the road.

    Once pests have infiltrated your home, it is hard to rebuild peace of mind, even after the infestation is treated and eradicated. You may feel unsettled and you shouldn't in your own home. We want to restore your sense of well being and a clean environment! At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we understand how this feels. We are not only committed to treating your home, but we are also committed to ensuring you're confidence that your home is pest free. We will perform treatments effectively and make sure to leave your home pest-free. We are professionals that understand the toll that these termites and other pests can take on your home, and we do not want you to have to deal with that! We will perform our services effectively and you can be sure they are high-quality. We at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control will be sure to work with you and leave you feeling confident that the job was well-done.

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    Termite Inspection

    We offer a termite inspection service. We will inspect your home, and will provide you with a quote for will inspect your home thoroughly and give you an honest evaluation.

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    Termite Treatment

    We will offer the follow-up to termite inspection, which is termite treatment. We will perform treatments effectively and professionally. We offer liquid and bait treatments.

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    Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

    We also offer inspection and treatment for homes that are in the pre-construction stage. We will inspect your home that is in the process of being built of the property before it is constructed and treat effectively. This may mean spraying the grouunds around the property ahead of construction to ensure that pests are not able to reach your home while it is being constructed.

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    WDIR Certificates

    We are able to offer this valuable legal document to you after inspection. We can certify that your house does not have or has not ever had an infestation. This document is important in many cases, and we are proud to offer this service!

    Several carpenter eastern subterranean termites on wood

    Pest Control

    We offer control for a variety of other pests like ants, cockroaches, or spiders. We are professional and you can be sure that we will treat your home with respect!

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    Rodent Control

    We also offer rodent control for any rodents that may have gotten into your home. We will be sure to use proper care when evaluating and treating your home.

    Contact Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control Company

    We are available for all your termite and pest control needs. Please feel free to contact us at the number provided on our website. We will be ready to provide excellent service to you! If you are interested in learning more about our company and services, please give us a call or send us an email. This information is available on the contact us page of our web site. By contacting us, you will have a chance to speak with one of our wonderful representatives that are committed to providing you with the best service possible! We also offer quotes for our services. We will respond quickly and put you on the right track to effectively ridding your home of pests, rodents, or termites. We are sure to value each and every customer that contacts us!

    “My family and I had an extensive termite infestation and had no idea who to call! We found Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control’s web site and gave them a call. We were amazed at how easy the process was! From inspection to treatment, we felt totally taken care of and our infestation was gone!” -Sandra S.


    “I found a rat in my basement and immediately called Eagle Eye. They came out the same day and took care of my problem! I would not call anyone else for my pest control needs!” - Samuel D.


    “Our home had ants and we had a huge graduation party coming up! Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control came out and took care of our infestation pronto. I was so surprised at how great their customer was- many companies say they take care of their customers, but Eagle Eye actually does! They really made us feel valued throughout the treatment process.” - Hope B.