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Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control - About

We provide several services here at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, all with the same goal: to rid your home of pests and provide great customer service. We are dedicated to thoroughly evaluating your home regardless of the condition or location. The first service we usually provide to customers is the termite inspection. This is a visual inspection of the home in the readily accessible areas. We will look for evidence of any wood-destroying insects.

We are committed to offering a fair price for our services as well. When you work with Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, you will not have to deal with the normal mess that may come with working with pest control companies. We pride ourselves on hassle free care and treatment that is not time consuming.

The entire goal of our service is to evaluate and treat your home for a variety of pests like rodents or termites. We are passionate about preserving the structural integrity of your home and restoring a clean and safe environment for you and your family! We do not want this to be a difficult process, as it is already hard for home owners or renters with pests to deal with this situation. We want this to be easy and pain free, and for you to have a well-treated home at the end of working with us!

If you have pests in your home, whether they be termites, or other rodents or bugs, we are ready to work with you! Feel free to browse our services page to find out even more about what we can offer you at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control.


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