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Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control - Pre-Construction Termite Treatment 2

This unique form of termite treatment is one of the many great services at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control. This way of preventing the subterranean termites from ever reaching your house is the most effective treatment route. It is much better than fighting an infestation later on.

This treatment could consist of either chemical or physical barriers. These are installed during construction to help you prevent the termites, which are subterranean, from finding unprotected points inside your house. A termite colony will nest in the soil and send foragers to search for food all around the colony. An unprotected house has many weak points that termites can use to get in. They are known to even be able to get in through concrete. They only need a tiny crevice to gain entry into your home. Especially if you have wood in contact with soil.

Effective extermination of a termite colony must include the destruction of the colony. You will not know the location of the colony, however, this is why pre-construction treatment is most effective. Subterranean termites are more challenging due to their nature to nest. Drywood termites live in the same place that they eat, so it is easier to notice and treat the infestation by treating the wood that they are infested in.

The first type of treatment that may be used is a chemical barrier treatment. This is soil treatment that can be performed after the house construction, but is much better to be performed prior to building. It is much harder to make a solid barrier when they are obstacles like a driveway that you have to navigate around. In the pre-construction barrier, you won’t need any drilling into wood in order to create the barrier.

There are also physical barriers available for termite treatment during pre-construction. This prevents termites from being able to physically penetrate the barrier. It is essentially a layer of material that cannot be pierced by termites attempting to gain entry into your home or property. It is also eco-friendly and environmentally responsible, another great perk that you get from working with Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control. We may use either a basalt barrier, a sand barrier, or a steel mesh barrier.

Steel and basalt barriers have the same basic purpose. They consist of small particles where even the biggest ones will be too much for any termite to move in order to gain entry past the barrier. There is no way for the insect to squeeze through with these types of barriers. This is added around the foundation. A steel barrier is added around the foundation as well, and is not big enough for termites to enter.

We also offer Bora Care treatment that can make things a little easier when building your new house. Scheduling and the weather are the 2 biggest challenges for home construction. The Bora Care treatment eliminates the challenge of trying to schedule your termite treatment and your concrete company while the weather is cooperating. Bora Care is applied to the slab, wood during the dried-in phase of construction after the house has been enclosed and serves as a barrier that's hard to penetrate.

Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control will make sure to put together the best treatment plan for you in your pre-construction treatment of termites. We will consult with you and evaluate the property to make sure we choose the treatment that will properly protect your home or business. We pride ourselves in making the customer comfortable with the treatment, and we will be sure to work with you to come up with the best treatment plan possible.

If you’d like to utilize this service, please contact us at 225-275-6700 so we can give you more information!


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