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Termite Inspection

Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control - Termite Inspection 2

At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we understand that it can be nerve-wrecking to call the exterminator. You may have nagging worries about termites in your house. Termites are destructive pests and we do not want you to be worried! Termites are especially scary because they can cause extensive damage without noticing the infestation. Their presence can be hard to detect unless you know exactly what you are looking for. However, they work pretty slowly, so the sooner you give us a call to inspect your home, the better!

We recommend annual evaluations of your home. When you call us at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we will look for several things during the inspection, and keep you informed along the way to start to rebuild your peace of mind.

First, we will look for evidence of swarmers. These are subterranean termites. An established termite colony will produce winged and sexually mature adults called alates after a few years. These fly off to create their own nests and are often where new infestations begin. They create new nests in the spring when the temperature  is mild and the air is humid and relatively still. Nests release alates in swarms, so the first thing we will do is look for the presence of alates in and around your home, as this is sometimes the first sign of an infestation.

During your inspection, we will also look for mud tubes. Mud tubes are found along your foundation, crawlspace, in your attic, or at other access points to your home. These are also called shelter tubes, and are basically mud covered highways that termites use to travel open areas like concreate footers. This is because they cannot go through such obstacles, so they work on building ways to get around them. Mud tubes can be made of soil, wood cellulose, or other matter such as this. The tubes protect termites from predators as well.

Mud tubes are about the thickness of a drinking straw or pencil and look like old, encrusted dirt. They can be straight lines or squiggly lines. We will inspect your home for mud tubes and try to follow them to areas that may be heavily infested. This will give us a sure way to find and keep an eye on the population until we can exterminate it.

In addition to looking for these particular things when we do a termite inspection for you, we will look for wood near and around your house and check that for termites. We will check the property for fixtures that may harbor termites, such as firewood, wood mulch, and deadwood. We will thoroughly evaluate any extraneous wood sources as part of our inspection.

These are just a few things that we will look for during our inspection. We will be sure to keep you informed throughout the process and give you an honest evaluation for your property. If you’d like to schedule an inspection, give us a call at 225-275-6700!


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