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Termite Treatment

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At Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control, we provide high quality services that are effective in reducing and eliminating pests in your home. We're glad that you are considering our services!

There are two main categories of termite treatment:

  1. Liquids
  2. Baits

We offer both of these types of treatments. Liquid treatments have been around for many years. They provide a long-lasting barrier around your home. Placed in the soil, this barrier will prevent termites from entering your home and infesting the building and structure. In many cases with our clients, termites have already entered the building. In this case, the barrier will make it so that termites cannot return to the soil for moisture, and those inside the building will die as well.

Current products are non-repellent and termites that are burrowing in tunnels are killed. These products that we use are generally more reliable and are able to control infestations on the first attempt at treatment. Since we want you to feel safe and free of pests, we use types of treatments that are effective such as this. In our treatments, we will provide explanations like this if you wish. We believe that if customers know and understand what is going on, they feel more at ease, and this is our main goal dealing with clients. We will be ready to answer questions throughout the treatment process.

Another category of treatment is bait treatment. This consists of cellulose based food that is combined with slow acting substances that are lethal to termites. These baits are installed below the ground and in the yard. They are essentially cylindrical plastic stations.

There are other types of bait stations that we can use as well. These are sometimes also installed indoors, over active mud tubes, or termite tunnels. The foraging termites will eat the bait and share it with other termites in the nest. This will result in a gradual but sure decline in the numbers of termites.

The type of treatment plan will determine on the evaluation we provide. It may vary from property to property based on that properties needs at the time that it needs treatment. There may be cause for a spray of the perimeter of the building, or the property. But depending on the infestation, we may also need to plant different kinds of baits in order to rid your home or property of termites. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best kind of treatment to every one of our clients. This means that we will give you a fair assessment of what your property needs, and will carry out this treatment plan effectively. It is important to have knowledgeable and experienced technicians, such as ours at Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control.  Give us a call today 225-275-6700.


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